We are national leaders in analyzing and reporting PRO data to improve clinical care.

QI-FORCE memberships include:

Real-time scored PRO reports

  • Individual patients to support shared decision making.
    • Real-time scored and trended PROs with comparison 
to national averages for clinical interpretation.
    • Patient risk-profiles to inform care decisions.

Risk-adjusted and benchmarked 
outcomes reports

  • Risk-adjusted, benchmarked reports of your aggregated outcomes to assess how you compare to your peers.
    • Benchmarked to our nationally 
representative database.
    • Complete data on adverse events up to 
90 days post-surgery.


Our nationally representative database

We spent 5 years actively recruiting a representative sample of hospitals, surgeons, and practices to contributed data to our database. That means that our PRO benchmarks accurately reflect the national averages. In addition, we collected research quality data with complete records on more than 85% of patients – higher than any US registry. This design and high response rate assures that we can offer valid, risk adjusted comparisons to the national average.