Not all PRO collection services are alike; each has different data collection, reporting and analytic capabilities.

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PRO Collection

Need Solution Example QI-FORCE Others
Data collection throughout the cycle of care, independent of location or setting A web-based system that wraps around existing IT infrastructure allowing data collection across time and locations Our web-based system provides easy PRO collection anywhere – in the office, hospital, or at home – allowing for complete and accurate data collection throughout the care cycle.
Complete and accurate data on adverse events - ER visits, readmissions, returns to the OR. 25% of these events occur outside the surgical site and are not captured in the patient’s record. Patient-reported adverse events at 90 days post-surgery. Our data shows that patients accurately report adverse events no matter when or where they occur. Therefore, we ask patients directly about these events to provide complete and accurate reports. NA
High survey response rates Automated follow-up surveys with email reminders and expert guidance on strategies to increase response rates. Only QI-FORCE offers proven strategies for 12-month response rates as high as 70%.
PRO collection across high-volume orthopedic specialties A single, flexible system to capture condition specific PROs across orthopedic specialties QI-FORCE offers PRO collection in TJR, spine, and shoulder. Our flexible web-based system can be used simultaneously across clinics with different workflows and PRO capture strategies.


Need Solution Example QI-Force Others
Real-time scoring of PROs for use in the clinic Real-time, scored PRO reports showing individual patient’s scores over time. Our real-time individual patient reports are available as soon as a patient completes a survey. They show a patient’s PRO scores over time and compared to the national average for similar patients to guide clinical interpretation.
Information for patient risk stratification to guide bundle management Pre-operative individual patient risk profiles. Our real-time individual patient reports include key risk factors and patient risk assessments.
Risk-adjusted, meaningful outcome comparisons Outcomes dashboards showing risk-adjusted outcomes benchmarked to the national norm. Our web-based outcomes dashboards allow hospitals, practices, or surgeons to compare their risk-adjusted outcomes to a nationally representative sample providing crucial insights for CMS reimbursements. Only FORCE-TJR offers a true national benchmark rather than comparison to a convenience sample from other clients. NA
Ability to meet regulatory reporting needs QCDR status and ABOS certification. QI-FORCE is a certified QCDR and our measures meet your CJR and MIPS quality needs. We are also ABOS approved.

Operational Guidance and Solutions

Need Solution Example QI-FORCE Others
Guidance on best practices for incorporating PRO collection into the clinic workflow A successful PRO collection program requires both the right IT solution and an optimized clinic workflow QI-FORCE offers the deep experience in guiding operations to obtain optimal response rates. Consulting services are available with all QI-FORCE memberships.
Solutions for patients who don’t use email Paper and pen options and reminder phone calls with the option to complete forms over the phone. We offer a variety of options for patients without access to email or who are uncomfortable using a computer. Our highly trained staff can be hired to manage follow-up data collection from such patients.


Need Solution Example QI-FORCE Others
Competitive price An IT solution that allows for economies of scale. Our web-based system can support multiple users simultaneously. Thus, we price by patient volume rather than by surgeon, user, or desk-top installation allowing for competitive pricing.


QI-FORCE combines comprehensive PRO collection (patient-reported measures, readmissions and complications, and implant failures) with superior analytics, benchmarking, and regulatory reporting as a certified QCDR.

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